An exceptional team of artists that all bring a sense of themselves to the team to create a unique experience for you. Our colourists include blonde specialists, and treatment gurus armed with the knowledge and techniques, to ensure your colour shines as much as bright as you do!

ItemCreativesCreative DirectorSalon Owner
Balayage -$226.60-
Bespoke Balayage -$308-
¼ Head Foils Short- $121 $148
¼ Head Foils Medium -$126$159
¼ Head Foils Long -$132$170
½ Head Foils Short -$132$170
½ Head Foils Medium -$165$192
½ Head Foils Long -$176$203
Full Head Foils Short -$170$198
Full Head Foils Medium -$209$253
Full Head Foils Long-$269$324
Colour ID Short -$157.30$190.58
Colour ID Medium -$179.30$226.60
Global Toner $60$60$60
Root Melt Toner $91.30$91.30$91.30
Root tap $83$83$83
Root tap with ends $70$70$70
Highlighting Tip Out Ends Add On – This service is to be selected with a colouring or foiling service $62.70$62.70$62.70
Root Colour Add On – This service is to be selected with a foiling service $66$66$66
Scalp Bleach $125.40$125.40$125.40
Streak Cap Short $127.60$127.60$127.60
Streak Cap Medium-Long $176$176$176
Global Tint Short $106$106$106
Global Tint Medium $119$119$119
Global Tint Long $129$129$129
Regrowth Tint $93.50$93.50$93.50
T-Section Tint $71.50$71.50$71.50
Semi Short $79.20$79.20$79.20
Semi Medium $91.30$91.30$91.30
Semi Long $103.40$103.40$103.40
ItemCreativesCreative DirectorSalon Owner
Perm Short $132$132$132
Perm Medium $166.10$166.10$166.10
Perm Long $191.40$191.40$191.40
Yuko Japanese Straightening $409.20$409.20$409.20
Nanoplasty Smoothening System Short $495$495$495
Nanoplasty Smoothening System Medium $550$550$550
Nanoplasty Smoothening System Long $605$605$605
ItemCreativesCreative DirectorSalon Owner
Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment $43.50$43.50$43.50
Kerastase Fusio Scrub $38.50$38.50$38.50
Kerasrase Chronologist Revitalisation Treatment $65$65$65
Metal Detox Service$44$44$44
Nioxin Dermobrasion Scalp Treatment$53$53.00$53

*Prices are subject to change without notice, dependant on what is required for the individual. Please ask your stylist for a consultation and or quote.


At Radiance Hair, we use Seamless 1 extensions to creative style your hair by adding length, thickness, volume, and colour. Ombre and balayage extensions can transform your hair with no dye or chemicals. Seamless 1 offers affordable, zero-damage, luxury and 100% human hair extensions. Please contact us for more information about adding extensions to your appointment.